Tynsong warns action against employers who fails to register labourers


Meghalaya News 24 special

Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong on Friday warned action against employers who failed to register labourers coming from outside the state.

“We (labour department) may even cancel the licenses of those employers who failed to register labourers from outside the state,” Tynsong told Meghalaya News 24.

He informed that of 1,800 applications received, the department has so far issued labour licenses to over 1,600 migrant labourers.

“I have also instructed my officers till the inspector level where we have posted in each and every block to aggressively conduct inspection to all construction sites,” Tynsong said.

Asked, the deputy chief minister said the state government has not imposed any restriction on entry of migrant labourers due to the COVID-19 situation.

“We don’t have any restrictions right now but they (labourers) need to go for proper testing and they need to register themselves as per the Labour Act,”he stated.