‘UBLA’   issues open threat to Meghalaya CM and local populace; Police register case.


In a major development, Meghalaya police on Saturday have registered a criminal case against the United Bangal Liberation Army (UBLA) for issuing an open threat against the Chief Minister, Conrad K Sangma, and the state.  The organization threat to  wage conflict against the local populace of Meghalaya and for the criminal intimidation against the Chief Minister. 

 “A criminal case under relevant provisions of law has been registered against UBLA for criminal conspiracy, for the threat to wage conflict against the local populace of Meghalaya and for the criminal intimidation against the Chief Minister of Meghalaya,” Assistant Inspector General of Police (A) Gabriel K Iangrai said in a statement.

 Iangrai informed that the criminal case has been registered at the Cyber Crime Police Station and investigation of the case is ensuing.

 Issuing a non-negotiation letter, the UBLA said, “Notwithstanding the demand of Gorkhaland by your Chief Minister, to recall his Excellency, there is no Gorkhaland in Bengal but in Nepal. If provoked, in any minute he will be in the list besides.”

 The outfit, which claimed to stand for the people of Bengal and for Banga Bhumi, also alleged the Khasi Students Union (KSU) for indulging in atrocities against the Bengali people in Meghalaya since 1979.

 Stating that the letter is not for negotiation or dialogue but is an ultimatum to those who dare to touch the sentiments of the Bengali people, the UBLA said, “…they are going to face dire consequences in the near future. Our Banga Senas are ready to plot for an unimaginable situation in Meghaloi towards you and your supporters. We will ensure that the 1.4 million Khasia people will be sent back to their place of origin in Cambodia in a flash and without forgetting that Meghaloi and the rest of Northeast India is part and parcel of Banga Bhumi.”

 The letter also sends a clear message to all the other Northeast pressure groups and the Bharat government that it is an infringement to implement the Assam Accord and the NRC in Assam and altogether to provide NSCN-IM and Nagaland their own flag and freedom.

 “We will not become a mere spectator to all of this injustice towards our people, we will continue to rise and fight for our people and for the ultimate goal of Banga Bhumi like our forefathers, Subhash Chandra Bose and Mukti Bahini has enlightened us the path.

We have fought for Bangal from East Pakistan, we will imprint and mould young blood the spirit of Bahini to unite and fight for another united Banga Bhumi of the east and west from Bharat,” it further stated.

 Meanwhile, the Meghalaya Police also appealed to all concerned citizens to refrain from inciting a breach of communal peace and harmony as it warned that if any person is found to be contravening the statutory provisions of law, stringent action will be taken against them.