UDP hopeful of securing more seats in 2023


United Democratic Party Chief Metbah Lyngdoh has predicted that in 2023, an alliance in the ruling MDA Government UDP will be able to secure more seats.

“Party will do very well, I said we should get more seats, we will do very well in the next election, people have realized that UDP is the party which they have to support and come forward to see that we get more numbers,” Lyngdoh said while talking to reporters on Tuesday.

Stating that the party is ready to face the 2023 battle for ballot, the UDP chief said, “ I always consider that we should be in a better position and that will come only when the party as a whole will work together and be ready for the fight in 2023.”

Asked if UDP will be an alternative to TMC and NPP, he said, “…we would like to see first of all to have 30 plus, that should be the aim of any political party.”

Askers about any feelers being sent by and sitting legislator, he said, “ Talk is there with other MLAs and we have not come to any conclusion with any other MLAs.”