UDP youth wing demands Govt to introduce an on-camera interview for job recruitment


The youth wing of the United Democratic Party (UDP) on Saturday resolved to demand the state government for the introduction of an on-camera interview for job recruitment.


“We have resolved that through our ministers as well as MLAs to make sure that the government will take serious steps to introduce on-camera interview (during job recruitment),” president of the youth wing of UDP Shillong City District, Manbhalang Syiemlieh told reporters after the general body meeting held to elect its new body.


According to him, introduction of the on-camera interview will go a long way in restoring the faith and confidence of the people in the Meghalaya Public Service Commission (MPSC) and the District Selection Committees (DSCs).


Syiemlieh further asserted the need for the state government to come up with programmes that will address the growing unemployment problems faced by both educated and uneducated youth of the state.


“The government should take serious steps on this matter by conducting various programmes for the upliftment of the youth. I understand that government jobs are difficult but the youths of the state are well educated and can stand on their own feet even without government jobs,” he said.


He suggested that the government should open up opportunities for young and talented youths of the state instead of depending on the workforce from outside the state.


“We are not lacking behind in terms of talented and skilled youths who are able to work in various industries or office works. Even for technical works as well we have youths coming up who have studied in various universities and are qualified to work in various fields,” he said adding “I feel the government should not only open opportunities but detect where those youths are.”


The youth wing has also decided to seek more clarity from the state government on whether the exemption granted by the Centre from Common University Entrance Test (CUET) will continue in the years to come.


“In order to avoid confusion among the students’ community, we will seek clarification from the state government as we don’t know if the exemption will be only for this year,” Syiemlieh said.


Meanwhile, the youth wing has resolved to strengthen its circles in the seven constituencies falling under Shillong city as part of preparing the party for the upcoming 2023 Assembly polls. Along with the party leaders, it will also visit and hold meetings at the different constituencies.


“We will work together with all the constituencies and districts to make sure that the party will come back to power not only that the party will be in the government but the party will lead the government in 2023,” he stated.


The new office bearers of the youth wing include Richard Syiemlieh as working president, Wanchwa Shadap, Teibor Kharumnuid, Sandy Rani and Donboklang Jyrwa as vice presidents, Desmond KL Mawlong – general secretary, Balajied Blah, Randal Rani, Kerry Lyngdoh and Raymond Khyriem – assistant secretaries, Pyndapbor Lawrynniang – publicity secretary, Augusten Blah and Seiborlang Kharbamon – assistant publicity secretaries, Kersuk Cajee – chief youth organizer, Phinlam Warjri – assistant chief youth organizer, Treiborlang Jyrwa and Dominic Shadap – legal secretaries, Bankerlang Marbaniang – finance secretary, Eva Marbaniang – assistant finance secretary and Khraw Pyngrope – education secretary.