Upcoming autumn session of Assembly will be held at new building: Speaker


Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Speaker Metbah Lyngdoh on Tuesday said that the upcoming autumn session of the Assembly will be held at the new Assembly building at Mawdiangdiang.

Optimist with the progress of the work, Lyngdoh said, “We could see that sometime by the end of June or mid July we would be able to complete and thereafter we will have a month time or 20 days which will be for commissioning and testing for all the things and we intend to have the autumn session in the new assembly building. “

The new Assembly building is being constructed on 80 acres of land at Mawdiangdiang in the New Shillong Township.

The Speaker however, said the construction has been delayed due to COVID 19 pandemic which hampered the progress of the work.

“Because of the pandemic, it really hampered the progress of the work of the new Assembly building, we were suppose to complete it by this March, we had planned and kept that in mind that the budget session will be held in that new Assembly building but sad to say that because of the pandemic again, I would like to stress that has really slowed down the progress of the work,” he said.

“.. We have again revised the target date for completion of the entire construction,” the Speaker said.

Constructed with an estimated amount of Rs 200 cr, the New Assembly Building is set to be completed in 2022.