Upgradation of over 844 adhoc upper primary schools to deficit system not possible: Rakkam

Education Minister Rakkam A Sangma on Monday said it is not possible for the government to decide on the demand for upgrading over 844 adhoc upper primary schools to a deficit system.

The demand was recently made by the Meghalaya Upper Primary School Association (MUPSTA).


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “Not only the upper primary teachers, it is also lower primary and secondary and even SSA teachers are demanding for regularization but for the state, it is not possible to decide on this as of now but however as a state government we are working, we are finding, we are exploring ways. We are working very hard and I think it is always good to keep in mind that where there is a will there’s a way so we are moving with that note.”


The education minister said that the financial requirement to solve the issues related to the teachers is huge. “Even a small calculator will not be able to accommodate the figures but I am saying we are working and let us find a way first then we will let you know what steps can be taken,” he added.


He also expressed confidence that a positive result will come out of the effort made by the government.

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