Uranium waste leakage: Meghalaya asks IIT-Guwahati to conduct study.


Meghalaya Government is waiting for the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati to further conduct a thorough investigation into the alleged leakage of radiation from the uranium sites in the South West Khasi Hills district.

“We are waiting for the IIT, Guwahati to undertake a detailed investigation into the matter and submit a report to the state government,” Deputy Chief Minister Prestone Tynsong told reporters here on Monday.

He said the IIT, Guwahati is currently having their examination. “Once that is completed, they have assured us that they would immediately start the investigation and prepare a report,” Tynsong added.

Earlier, the state government had decided to undertake further study at the proposed uranium mining sites in South West Khasi Hills district after it was found that the radiation level below the source of a rivulet was higher.

“The Government of Meghalaya will undertake a separate study on the rocks and sediments of the stream Phud Syngkai and get them analysed at a credible laboratory to determine the exact cause of the radiation,” a government statement issued here said.

The expert committee constituted by the government with scientists from the Chemistry department of the North Eastern Hill University found that the levels of radiation at about 100 feet from the source of the rivulet Phud Syngkai are higher than at the source which requires further study, it added.

The increase in radiation level was found by a team of scientists from the North Eastern Hill University which had undertaken a study of the area after reports of the uranium storage tank was found burst open late last year.