Urban affairs Minister to review all ongoing projects implemented by dept tomorrow

Deputy Chief Minister in-charge Urban Affairs Sniawbhalang Dhar will review all ongoing projects implemented by the department tomorrow.


Speaking to reporters, Dhar said, “I will review all the ongoing projects including the smart city projects tomorrow.”


He said some of the projects include Laitumkhrah market, Polo market, smart roads and others.


“I will only know the physical and financial progress of these projects once I held the review meeting.”


He said that different projects have different timelines for completion and assured that he will try his best to ensure they are completed on time.


He said that the state does not have any issue in terms of the funding pattern and that the fund flow is very smooth from the Government of India and the state government.


Dhar also informed that he would also call a meeting at his level to discuss on the relocation of the Sweepers’ Colony from Them Iew Mawlong.


“I will call this meeting at my level as urban minister. After that, the chairman of the high level committee will for a meeting and we will take a call (in this regard),” he said.


He added, “Tomorrow, the meeting will be held at my level and after that we will sit as a state. We have to call them (Harijan Panchayat Committee) obviously. The Court has given sometime we have to see…but we want to solve it at the earliest possible.”


Dhar informed that the Jowai beautification project is still in progress and that 90 percent of the road project in the town is completed. As per report, the road will be completed in the next 10 days.


Meanwhile, Dhar said work for construction of the MTC project at Rs 216 crore is under progress.


Implementation was done as per detailed project project (DPR).


He informed the government is planning to have a hotel and other in the multipurpose building, which will be completed within two and a half years. The project is being constructed at the Meghalaya Transport Corporation land at Khyndailad area.


He however said there is some problem with the tenants. “I will have a review meeting on this tomorrow. They (tenants) did not say they are not agreeing to move but they put some condition and we will discuss on that tomorrow. The condition is a good one and we already agree that when the building is completed we will accommodate them,” Dhar added.


The office of the MTC has been shifted to Mawiong.


Earlier prior to elections, BJP leader and cabinet minister Alexander Laloo Hek said he can build a “Taj Mahal” with Rs 240 crore, the amount which the MDA government had proposed to spent on a construction at a 50,000 sq ft land at Khyndailad (Police Bazar).


On this, Dhar said that the project cost is Rs 216 crore not Rs 240 crore as alleged. “Moreover, the project is under progress how can he say it is right or wrong,” he said.


According to him, the decision was taken by the cabinet. “We will see after completion. You will see the whole police bazaar area will change into a modern world,” he said.

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