Veterinary doctors on duty at Umling livestock checkpost categorically denied that they unanimously closed gate


The Veterinary doctors on duty at Umling livestock checkpost have categorically denied that they have unanimously closed the gate.


The doctors, who were on duty, said that they left the check gate for their safety concerns. However, on the following night the doctor resumed the duty after a necessary security arrangement was made by the district administration.


The veterinary doctors on duty also termed media reports which alleged that they unanimously closed the check post after some other people took over their work as false and baseless since duty was suspended only due to safety concerns.


Director AH and Veterinary informed that the report alleging extortion at Umling livestock checkpost was also false and baseless.


“Veterinary Doctors also refuted media reports on extortion at Umling livestock checkpost. Director informed that anyone with proof of irregularities against any official posted at the gate, they can bring to the notice of the Government.”

The Director AH and Veterinary said that the aim of the check gate is to verify documents including health certificates to ensure that no diseased animals are entered into the state and also to prevent the illegal transportation of cattle, buffalo to Bangladesh.