Visitors unhappy: NH 6 needs revamp.


While Meghalaya Government has opened up the tourism sector, the four-lane Guwahati-Shillong Expressway needs to be ameliorated. The road was built just a few years back and lack of maintenance is a cause of concern.

The four-lane highway was, at one point of time, deemed the most prestigious asset of the state. However, the quality of the highway has gone to the worst with time due to the plying of overladen vehicles.

Being Sunday, many visitors coming to Shillong were upset with the poor road condition.

We spoke to some of the visitors as they share their views, “Once riding to Shillong feel so good but today the trip is not good because of these potholes that damaged the road,” said H. Saikia a regular visitor from Assam.

“There is a need to revamp NH6,” complains another visitor.

“The increasing numbers of potholes are posing a serious threat and also adding up to the inconvenience of people traveling through that road,” complains another visitor from Kolkata S. Dutta who is on a family trip to Shillong.

The 61.8 km four-lane Jorabat Shillong Expressway was built by the National Highway Authority of India, linking the remote hills of Meghalaya to the town of Jorabat in Assam – A project that paved the way for economic development in the hilly NE India.