President of the Voice of the People Party (VPP) Ardent Miller Basaiawmoit will stage an indefinite hunger strike from May 23, as a mark of protest against the failure of the state government to review the reservation policy.


“As a continuation of our agitation, the party has decided that as president of the party I will alone stage an indefinite hunger strike in front of the secretariat,” Basaiawmoit said while addressing a meeting held at the parking lot near the additional secretariat.

The VPP was not happy with the outcome of the all party meeting after the government did not want to discuss beyond the roster system.

“I will fast till the government is ready to review the reservation policy. I will fast for a better future for our younger generation, I will fast in the interest of the Jaidbynriew,” the Nongkrem legislator said.


Basaiawmoit also urged the people to support the demand by organizing sit-in-demonstration in front of the residences of the different MLAs for their failure to speak for the interest of the indigenous Khasi community.


“Prepare to condemn these MLAs, who are claiming that they are your leaders but don’t dare to speak for the interest of the people. It is high time to forget the chair and think about the problem faced by the youth today. The fight is no longer a fight of the VPP but of the people. I urge all people to fight for their rights,” he said.


By Editor