VPP will not stand a chance to win from Shillong parliamentary seat: RDA

SHILLONG, MAR 26: Regional Democratic Alliance (RDA) candidate Robertjune Kharjahrin on Tuesday said that the Voice of the People Party (VPP) will not stand a chance to win from Shillong parliamentary seat.


Speaking to Mediapersons, Kharjahrin said the RDA will not withdraw its candidature but will work hard to win the upcoming elections.


“If you go by the vote share, UDP and HSPDP combined security the maximum vote (in 2023) and we are very much confident that we will add to that vote share. Definitely, I am hundred percent confident that we will win this election,” he said.


Kharjahrin said, “VPP is a new party with no grassroot workers. VPP does not have MLAs and MDCs like we have. VPP will not stand a chance (to win) as we have a much better chance to win compared to the other candidates.”


“I don’t want to argue with this person (Ardent Basaiawmoit) but I will only remind that what he had stated in Mawkyrwat in 2018 that the new party will reach nowhere so this time also the new party (VPP) will reach nowhere,” he said.

Kharjahrin said the alliance would fight for immediate implementation of the inner line permit (ILP), inclusion of Khasi language in the Eighth Schedule to the Constitution, resolving the border dispute between Assam and Meghalaya, reviewing the boundary issue between India and Bangladesh in Meghalaya sector and others.


“We will fight to ensure secularism remains in India. We will make sure each and every citizen in India does have a right to choose their own religion and own faith as whatever they want or wish. Respecting religious sentiments will be our priority. We will stand for the indigenous faith and will try our best to secure the indigenous faith in Meghalaya like Seng Khasi, Seinraij will get minority status,” he said..


Kharjahrin said that he would leave it to the people to judge but it is high time to replace Vincent H Pala, who has been MP for the past 15 years.


“I have respect for him (Pala). He is a gentleman but you have seen he has not been able to do much  so I do feel it is high time that we replace him. I am sure the people of the constituency have given him enough time to prove himself, let the people judge that.”


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