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WGH helps six beggars and underprivileged to get IDs


As many as six beggars including one visually challenged couple with child, mostly without IDs, were brought to the DC office Aadhar Enrollment centre at Tura on Thursday to give proper Ids.

Informing this deputy commissioner of West Garo Hills District Ram Singh said, “…They are being given ID with proper verification, other schemes for which they are eligible will be given to them. Also arranging rations for few months by Officers Club.”

Asked about this noble initiative, the DC also said, “..We keep distributing rations etc to the needy but providing them with ID card to make them eligible for poverty alleviation schemes is first time.”

Asked, he said, “….We are verifying they will get free ration, other benefits like old age and disability pension etc.”

The district administration of West Garo Hills is doing this noble gesture to improve the life of underprivileged people in the district.

Further, the District Magistrate said, “We are requesting if any families are willing to surrender their NFSA card so that these poor people can be given the NFSA PHH Ration card and they may avail NFSA as well as Free PMGKAY rations for future.”

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