Why CM avoids Media?


Despite assuring formal briefing, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Friday avoided briefing media persons on the decisions taken by the state cabinet. Media persons had gone to cover the cabinet meeting based on the request mailed by the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) on Thursday.

The CMO’s mail read, “I am to inform you that the meeting of the Cabinet will be held tomorrow, June 18, 2021, at 12.30 pm in the Cabinet Room, Yojana Bhavan, Shillong. Kindly make it convenient to cover the Press Briefing thereafter.”

After the meeting, Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma told media persons that the government’s spokesperson James K Sangma would give the briefing of the cabinet meeting after the review meeting on the COVID-19 situation.

However, after a long wait of six hours, media persons were finally told that a press note has been sent to their respective emails and that there will be no briefing even by the government’s spokesperson.

Later, Health Minister Alexander Laloo Hek briefed media persons on the decisions taken by the review meeting that was chaired by the Chief Minister.

Meanwhile, the press note issued by the CMO failed to provide the needed clarity of the decisions being taken on various issues which are of public interest. For instance, the press note has informed that the cabinet has approved the re-development of government land at Khyndai Lad (Police Bazar), Shillong and for availing the loan from Housing and Urban Development Corporation Bank(HUDCO) for this purpose.

The CMO however was silent on why this was needed, the loan amount, and other things which further needs clarification.

It may be noted that the alleged food grain scam that has hit the headline every day and other alleged irregularities has put the present MDA Government in a bad light. Now, the state Government avoiding media is not welcomed by the journalists who waited for hours to get the official briefing.