With limited resources, Meghalaya fights the COVID pandemic


Meghalaya News 24

“We need more ventilators as it’s still less, more medical facilities, we need to increase more corona care centers and even the quarantine centers because we don’t know what will happen in the next spike,” Health Minister AL Hek said.

With this, the questions arise where we stand? How prepared Meghalaya is to fight the COVID pandemic?

Many have compared the COVID-19 pandemic to an invasion of an invisible army that must be fought with the world’s entire arsenal. Meghalaya has become a symbol of resilience and hope for the rest of the country.

 The state’s collective resolve to fight COVID 19 pandemic is visible in the efforts; however, it needs an array of methods to fight COVID-19, not just testing. Still, a question remains Can the state sustain the second wave of the COVID pandemic?

“Any time any moment the spike may take place or maybe the second wave might take place so we have to be cautious and take precaution from the beginning only,” said Hek.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya Government has repeatedly written to the Union Health Ministry seeking support.

“We have given instruction already to our health department to be prepared for any eventuality and infact I have also written to the union health minister and also commissioner secretary health has already written to the health ministry for the support for fighting the coronavirus,” he added.

 “We have been preparing since the beginning and till today we have been preparing as we have very limited,” the health minister added.

Talking about the existing available resources and Government’s expenditure, Hek said “We have PPE kits we have already issued as per today is 2, 90, 657, and in our store, we have 90, 496. N95 mask we already issued 3, 0 4,108 and we have in stock 2,06, 853.”

 COVID cases in the state have been uncontrollably on the rise, and the projected peak is due in October-November. The popular perception in Meghalaya is that the existing facilities are insufficient as the allegation was levied on COVID Mismanagement. People’s skepticism intensified following the rise in the cases of COVID 19 in the state with limited resources.