Youth Congress asks MDA Govt to take up with centre immediate relief from price hike


The Congress on Thursday asked the ruling National People’s Party-led state government to take up with the BJP government at the Centre for immediate relief from the rise in prices of fuel, LPG cylinder and other essential commodities, which is affecting the citizens of the state.


Addressing a news conference, Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) chief Adrian L Chyne Mylliem said that the state government is spending money on infrastructure for gambling but is not focusing on capital expenditure to boost the income of the people of the state.


“We demand the government to understand the hardships of the people and also take initiatives to actually do something and not just speak about it in the press because actions speak louder than words,” he said.


Referring to friendly relationship between the NPP and the BJP, MPYC vice president Banphiralang Basaiawmoit said the role of the state government is to highlight the plight of the people and having a friendly government at the Centre, they should remove all the hardships of the people in the state.


“(Therefore), it is the perfect time for the NPP government and its allies to start talking to its friendly neighbor and its best friend the BJP, to bring about an immediate response to all the hardships that the people are facing including the price rise, including the collapse of infrastructure in Meghalaya,” he said.


Basaiawmoit further slammed the leaders who were at the helm of affairs for failing to speak about the hardships faced by the people.


“Till date we haven’t heard from any of its legislators speaking about the hardships of our people, the students facing the floods, the teacher was washed away in Pynursla and we haven’t heard a soul in the government who speaks about the immediate hardship of our people,” he said.


He said there are floods everywhere despite Shillong being a hilly terrain adding the road from Baniun in Upper Shillong is caving in as potholes are a good recipe for disaster.


Stating that this is total disregard of people’s lives and even property, the MPYC vice president said, “We are not urging the government but we are demanding that they do something immediately. They should take stock of the situation and act accordingly. We need a proactive government but what we see now is a government who is laid back and a government who is resting on its laurels, laurels means building their own assets, building their own properties, etc.”


When asked, Basaiawmoit said, “We are here to voice the concern of all sections of the people and government should pay attention to our demands as we are being very civil right now, we do not want to just light some fire and just bring crowds to the streets and as it is they can’t even handle the everyday traffic and we can’t just go on and on with street protest. Yes we are an organization, youth but we are not agitation in that way we will talk and we want a proper platform whereby we can deliberate on issues in a very civil way that’s the youth Congress.”


He however warned the government that people’s frustration is boiling and they are coming to the streets if it continues to brush things under the carpet.