Youth Congress condemn inhuman act of Assam police which killed five persons at Mukroh village

The Meghalaya Pradesh Youth Congress (MPYC) on Tuesday strongly condemned the inhuman act of the Assam police which killed five persons at Mukroh village in West Jaintia Hills District.


In a statement, MPYC vice president Banphira Lang Basaiawmoit said, “We stand united with our brethren of Mukroh in this difficult time that has dawned upon them. We send our condolences to the bereaved families who have lost their loved and dear ones in this barbaric act by the Assam Police. We express our anger and dismay that innocent souls have to pay with their precious lives at the inadequacy of the Assam police and administration.We pray for the injured and we wish them a speedy recovery and we also demand that our State Government provides them the best medical care.” 


He said the MPYC also demanded that the Assam Government should take responsibility and stringent actions should be taken against the perpetrators of this horrific crime against humanity. 


“Time and again, Assam Police has exhibited its callousness in interfacing with citizens in its neighbouring states and its total disregard for human life and dignity,” he said adding “The monstrosity of the Assam Police’s high-handedness, as witnessed today in the early morning hours, in Mukroh is condemnable and we demand a representation to the Central Government on this cowardly and dastardly  act.”


“Symbolism and tokenism of any form cannot replace the loss of precious souls, we demand our State Government to show its intent and to pre-emptively ensure that our people are protected from any ulterior agendas of our neighbouring state,” he stated. 

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