Youth Congress protest at Ampati against fuel price hike and anti-farmer laws


The youth wing of the Congress launched its protest against the recent farm laws and the rising cost of fuel targeting both centre as well as the state Government.

South West Garo Hills Youth Congress on Friday organised a protest at Ampati against the anti-farmers laws and the rising prices of fuel, the issues that have affected both the economy and the people.

Speaking at a meeting during the protest, Salmanpara MLA Winnerson D Sangma said, “The present Indian government has been slowly and systematically introducing laws for oppressing the people and suppressing dissent since 2014. And recently they passed three anti-farmer laws that will be detrimental to the farmers of the nation. In order to protest these laws, farmers from all over India have been protesting in their own villages and also in the borders of the national capital for the last two months braving the chilling winter cold. The Congress party is the only party with a national presence to be able to take on the BJP and we are gathered here today to lodge our protest and to lend a hand of support to the farmers so that our collective voices will be heard all the way to Delhi. So that the BJP will know that in every corner of the country we are awake and ready to take on them.”

 “This is not the only injustice that we are protesting today. We are also protesting the alarmingly high prices of fuel. This is a burden on the common man. With rising prices of fuel comes the rise in essential commodities. This is injustice and there is power in the state government to ease the burden by lowering the taxes”. he said

On the other hand, MPYC president Richard Marak said ever since the foundation of the country, there has been only one party that has looked out for the common man and that has been the Congress party.

“Even today, we still stand for the common man because this is a government for their rich friends. They are governing with ill intentions that benefit only their rich corporate friends while the rest of us become slaves. We stand in protest here today to show support to the farmers. The government should listen to the voice of the farmers and repeal the three laws immediately. We also like to question the voice of the regional parties, which is non-existent. They claim to be the guardians of the people and yet there is not a peep from them. Instead, they are hand in glove with the powers that are destroying the very fabric of our democracy. Take for example the CAA issue which was supported by the regional parties even though the people they represent were against it. People have not forgotten the way the lone NPP MP voted for CAA with such impunity even though the people of the entire North East India were against it,” he said.

“Comparing the prices of fuel during the UPA era (2014) and at present, the international prices of crude oil was around $104/barrel and petrol prices Rs 71/litre then and around $54/barrel with petrol prices nearing Rs. 100/litre now. We, the people, are not benefitting from this price drop, instead, we are taxed higher than ever before in the history of India. We demand that the state and central government lower the excise duties to what it was before and do away with other unnecessary cess and duties. We have to unite to do away with crony capitalism in order to safeguard our future and the future of our coming generations.” Marak added.