Zenith accuses MDA Govt for deteriorating law and order, lists out series of incidents in last 3 years


The opposition Congress has accused the NPP-led Meghalaya Democratic Alliance government of destroying the name and fame of Meghalaya by failing to address the deteriorating law and order situation in the state.

 Rangsakona legislator Zenith Sangma told the Assembly on Tuesday that ever since the MDA government took over, law and order in the state has deteriorated during the past three years.

 He said the government had failed to resolve a small problem at Them Motor area on May 31, 2018, due to which curfew was imposed for 80 long days.

 Sangma also alleged that no action was taken against an NPP leader from Jaintia Hills, who was identified as the main accused in the brutal attack on two social activists (Agnes Kharshiing  & Amita Sangma) for trying to document the illegal transportation of coal going on in the district.

 The Congress leader has also questioned the police intelligence as he referred to the clash incident at Ichamati on February 28, last year, and the subsequent spread of communal hatred as miscreants randomly stabbing strangers in Shillong.

 He also condemned the attack on migrant labourers at Umoid village in South West Khasi Hills district on February 24, this year. “If this is the case then how will people feel secure and how economic growth will take place,” Sangma asked.

 He further questioned the inaction against the assault on men in uniform at the Umiam police station adding that this will destroy the morale of the police.

 On the other hand, the Congress leader also slammed the MDA government for failing to fulfill its promises that the NGT ban on coal mining will be lifted within 180 days. They promised about ILP also.

 “(It is already) 1,100 days from the day this government took over on March 6, 2018, but till now it is yet to see the light of day,” he said.

Other issues he raised were on the salaries of teachers and the transfer of former SP of East Jaintia Hills.

“On 3rd February 2021, a joint inspection team comprising of the executive magistrate and police of East Jaintia Hills district conducted raids in suspected illegal coal mining areas and lots of illegalities were caught red-handed,” Zenith informed stating that surprisingly after three days on the 6th February the leadership, the district leader the SP was transferred immediately.

Zenith also took up strongly the issues of pending salaries of the employees of Garo Hills Autonomous District Council.

“The employees of the Garo Hills Autonomous District Council, they have not been getting their monthly salaries for more than 30 months, it’s not a matter of joke,” the Congress legislator said.

He also raised the issue of Commercial Vehicle operators’ agitation in the state, Sangma said,   “….the agitation of the commercial vehicles operators with effect from 3rd February it lasted for 14 days, but we didn’t see any seriousness with the present Government. During this agitation, rather than taking it seriously and try to mitigate or solve the problem, the honourable chief minister, the deputy Chief Minister and rest of the ministers, 90 percent of the cabinet were camping in Delhi….”