Zenith slams Govt. for lack of proactive measures in dealing COVID 19 cases


Congress legislator from Rangsakona Zenith M Sangma on Monday asserted that the Government is not handling the COVID 19 crisis properly and no proactive measures are in place, even as he maintained that if it continues like that situation may go out of control.

“I am afraid if it continues like that and things are out of control, we may be compelled to have or impose total lockdown to contain the spread of the virus and safe the precious lives,” Congress legislator from Rangsakona Zenith M Sangma said.

 “We never know, if the situation continues to be worse and the government cannot handle, then there may even be necessary to impose total lockdown for few days to contain the spread of the virus after all human life is the most precious than anything else. Because as we know necessity knows no law,” Zenith told reporters after taking the first dose of vaccination along with his wife at Shillong civil hospital here.

 He said although declaring certain areas as containment zones are required but the government has to ensure strict adherence of the protocols.

 Asked, the Congress spokesperson has expressed concern over the alleged lack of preparedness on the part of the state government to tackle the second wave of COVID-19.

 “When something goes wrong then only the government is taking certain decisions. Therefore, if you recall, I have always talked about being proactive because before anything happens, if we proactively do something or take preventive measures then we can always save the lives of the people. But as it is being seen in the affairs of our state, that preparedness is not there,” he said.

 “We are seeing there is rapid rise in the positive cases and if this continues then how we are going to handle the situation. Therefore, there should be enough hospitals, enough beds so that any eventualities or challenges that we are going to face can be addressed at the earliest,” he added.

 Urging the citizens of the state to get themselves vaccinated, Zenith said that people should take care as the second wave of the virus is very dangerous.

 “I also appealed to the government that before it is too late, we should be prepared and give vaccination as much as we can to the people of the state.

 As far as the availability of oxygen is concerned we should also be prepared so that any eventuality or challenges can be addressed by the government for the benefit of the people of the state,”he added.