29 Meghalaya TMC candidates file nominations on Monday

In a massive show of strength, as many as 29 Meghalaya Trinamool Congress candidates filed their nominations on Monday. Accompanied by thousands of supporters amidst a loud cheer and massive rallies, the nomination filing witnessed a high-spirited day across the state . Some of the prominent leaders who filed their nominations are Meghalaya TMC parliamentary party leader and candidate from Songsak constituency Dr. Mukul Sangma filed his nomination in Williamnagar. Dr. Sangma will file nomination for Tikrikilla constituency tomorrow.

Addressing a gathering of huge supporters after filing his nomination at Williamnagar in East Garo Hills for the Songsak seat, Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party Leader and the Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “We are working to reignite the whole sense of oneness which brought our people together when we thought about the larger good of each and everyone from all the hills of the state, and that is precisely what TMC is doing — talking and acting on unity and oneness, unlike other parties. Anything capable of creating a sense of division in this nation is against the whole interest of this great nation. The onus is on all of us to ensure and say to the world that we are so diverse, yet stand together.”

Dr. Sangma told reporters that the connect that he has with the people is because of they all identify themselves with the core issues of the people.

“We all identify ourselves with the core issues of the people across the state and that is the reason why everybody thinks that I am part and parcel of their family. I am considered as someone born in Songsak, Phulbari or born in Tikrikilla- it is because of the kind of connect with utmost sense of responsibility, brotherhood  and oneness that we had all along try promote while serving our people while building this beautiful state,” the former Chief Minister said.

“I don’t have to tell Mr Conrad Sangma about the political connection that I have with the people,” the TMC leader said.

“Over the years, I have been given the privilege to be able to serve the people and create an environment that created a sense of oneness; therefore, the people, wherever I go, connect with me – be it Songsak, Tikrikilla or Ampati,” Sangma said.

Meghalaya TMC President and candidate from Nongthymmai constituency, Charles Pyngrope too filed his nomination.

Expressing confidence that TMC will do well in entire state, Pyngrope said he feels TMC will be able to form the next Government.

Meanwhile, Meghalaya TMC candidate from Rangsakona Zenith M Sangma lambasted the Conrad Sangma-led MDA government for its inept governance.

He said, “The fight is on and we are very much confident about winning this battle. This is not merely my fight, but the fight of the people of Meghalaya. This will be the victory of the people of the state. People are against the corrupt, inhumane, and inept NPP-led MDA government.”

The candidates who filed nominations on Monday are as follows – Dr. Mukul Sangma from Songsak, Charles Pyngrope from Nongthymmai, Tengrak R Marak from Bajengdoba, Alphonsush R Marak from Williamnagar, Winnerson D Sangma from Salmanpara, Rupert M Marak from North Tura, Andrew Shullai from Jowai, Iwan Maria from West Shillong, Ian A Lyngdoh from South Shillong, Banshanlang Lawai from Mawryngkneng, Sengnam M Marak from Rongjeng, Rupa M Marak from Dadenggre, Robinus Syngkon from Raliang, Rinaldo K Sangma from Resubelpara, Cherak Momin from Kharkutta, Dikkanchi D Shira from Mahendraganj, Justine G Momin from Mawshynrut, Edmund Khongngai from Pynursla, Harold Firming Khongsit from Sohra, Agassi R Marak from Selsella, Stodingstar Thabah from Sohiong, Zenith M Sangma from Rangsakona, Sadhiarani M Sangma from Gambegre, Pardinand D Shira from Mendipathar, Sounder S Cajee from Mawkyrwat, Raymond Basaiawmoit from Pynthorumkhrah, Ajay Nongrum from East Shillong, Dr. Prabir D Sangma from Raksamgre, and Stepbourne Kupar Ryndem from Mawlai.


The Meghalaya TMC Candidate from Mahendraganj Dikkanchi D Shira expressed her full faith in the people of Mahendraganj. “I have full confidence that I will be elected again. I urge the people to stand united and vote for TMC to bring a change in our state,” she said.


Emphasizing that ‘winds of change’ is here, the Meghalaya TMC candidate from Jowai Andrew Shullai said, “I urge all the people of Jowai to come forward and support me as I take this endeavour toward bringing a change. I have full confidence that people will choose me as I will tirelessly work for the welfare of the constituency.”



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