Hek assures CBI inquiry into allege scams of MDA Govt after BJP forming Govt

​Five time legislator and BJP candidate from Pynthorumkhrah LAC and former minister A L Hek on Monday assured that the CBI inquiry will be ordered into the alleged scams of the NPP led MDA Government in the state within six months of the BJP forming the new government in Meghalaya.

Talking to reporters after filing his nominations, Hek said, with the blessings of the national leader of the BJP he has been chosen as leader of the party in various fronts and the people are already projecting him as a CM candidate of the party

“All will be sent to CBI and nobody will be spared, nobody will be spared for corruption, I am telling you in six  months a CBI enquiry will be ordered,” Hek said.

“I am the son of the soil in Meghalaya, I worked with all the different political parties and this time I worked with the MDA Government led by NPP and we know how much corruption has taken place in the state of Meghalaya today. If you go to the taxi stand and ask the taxi driver, you go to the tea stall and ask the people who are selling tea- everywhere they will tell you about the high level corruption of the NPP led Government in the State of Meghalaya,” he added.

The former health Minister also said all the reports of alleged irregularities and corruption in the NPP led MDA Government have been sent to the office of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Asked why the central Minister is contradicting his statement, Hek said, he is the son of the soil.

“That is the difference between the son of the soil and…. (Outsiders),” the senior BJP leader said.

Further, asked if he is projecting himself as CM candidate for BJP,  the five time legislator said, “Who  am I to project myself  when the party has choosen me as leader of the Meghalaya BJP election management committee , the leader of the campaigning committee , that is choosen not by me.., it is the consensus of BJP. That too with the blessings of the national leader of the BJP.”

“We have seen the love of people. When we came for filing of nominations we have seen the support of the people, showing clearly that people are behind me and immense love  of people,” he added.

Hek today led a massive rally with his supporters cheering and singing as he proceeded to file his nomination papers on Monday to contest the upcoming Meghalaya Legislative Assembly Election to be held on February 27.

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