AITC slams NPP for acting as a silent spectator to BJP’s divisive agenda & vile politics

The opposition TMC on Thursday slammed NPP for partnering with the BJP in 2018 despite the increase in attacks on Christians since 2014, when BJP came to power at the Centre.

Stating that NPP is acting as the B-team of the BJP, Meghalaya Trinamool Congress leader Andrew Shullai on Thursday accused NPP for acting as a silent spectator to BJP’s divisive agenda and vile politics.

“Trinamool Congress is the only party that is exposing the truth about BJP: it is anti-Christian. Since 2014, the attack on Christian communities has skyrocketed. So, if NPP was really people-centric, they would not have been allies with the BJP. With a united cadre, Meghalaya TMC will continue to work earnestly to fulfil its promises keeping the interests of the people as its topmost priority,” Shulai said.

Targeting NPP for its baseless propaganda, the Meghalaya TMC leader added, “The leaders are working overtime to hide the fact that NPP and BJP together formed the MDA government that has taken the state back by years. NPP is simply the B team of the BJP.”

He further said, “We have come across news reports where NPP leaders are claiming that TMC is more interested in taking on the BJP than the development of Meghalaya. This proves one thing that Opposition parties have conceded that TMC is the only party that has the courage to take BJP head-on after they have repeatedly ignored Meghalaya and its needs.”


Shullai also said that he is “delighted” to observe that political parties have designated spokespersons only to counter TMC. “This shows that we are doing something right and this has rattled the ruling parties,” he said.


Meghalaya TMC has time and again stated that the NPP is hand in glove with the BJP and Congress has failed to act as a credible Opposition in the state. “Someone had to expose BJP on its hollow claims of bringing development to the Northeast. We are proud that Meghalaya TMC has become the party that is voicing the concerns of the people,” he said.


While talking about the huge public support showered on Meghalaya TMC’s revolutionary schemes WE Card and MYE Card, Shullai said, “To mock these schemes is to mock the needs of the people.”


Challenging the NPP to present a record of their work, Shullai said, “Those attacking TMC’s 10 Pledges to Meghalaya should answer, where is your report card? The truth is that the NPP failed to accomplish and provide basic necessities to the people. So, they could not come out with their report cards.”


“NPP is opportunistic and unreliable. Meghalaya will vote for change this time. Trinamool Congress is the only party to voice the concerns of the people of Meghalaya,” Shullai said.

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