HSPDP releases party manifesto

The Hill State People’s Democratic Party (HSPDP) today released the party manifesto for the up-coming MLA elections 2023.

The manifesto was released by President K.P Pangniang in the presence of veteran politician and MDC of Mawkynrew constituency Martle Mukhim and candidates in a small gathering held at City Hut Dhaba in Shillong.

Speaking during the release of its manifesto, Pangniang said that the manifesto was made with proper consideration that it will protect the rights of the Khasi tribe with special emphasis on land prevention.

Pangniang asserted that the party manifesto has been made in such a manner that if the party come back to power it will make sure that there is transparency in all form of governance and it will also look into the employment for the youths by being transparent in all recruitment process in the various government departments and in uplifting the education system across the state by coming out with the State Regulated Policy.

“The manifesto also stressed on the need to upgrade the Sub-Centre to PHC’s and PHC’s to CHS’s in order to be able to provide quality health services to the people and to eliminate the rise of drugs and substance abuse” said Pangniang.

Pangniang said that the Party will continue to demand for the Khasi-Jaintia State, implementation of Inner Line Permit (ILP), recognition of Khasi language in the eight scheduled, to completely cease uranium mining, to ban the railway lines besides many others.

He added that the party will try to strengthen the existing Land Transfer Act and other Land Laws and will also try to strengthen the District Council as per the provisions of the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution in accordance with Article 244 (2).

“The party will give special emphasis to developing the tourism sector as part to create employment opportunities for the locals and the party will also focus on developing the culture of entrepreneurship among the youth besides emphasis on skill development for employment generation” he added.

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