All sitting MLAs will not necessarily be potential candidates for the AITC: Dr. Mukul

Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Thursday expressed confidence that the All India Trinamool Congress (TMC) will win from all the constituencies that it will be fighting in the upcoming 2023 Assembly elections in the state.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “Wherever we have gone (to set up candidates) please remember we will win those seats.” 


Also, Sangma added that all sitting MLAs will not necessarily be potential candidates for the AITC to win the elections.


“We have to be very clear that every sitting MLA will have the challenge of getting re-elected, that’s a fact. How many sitting MLAs ultimately could not get re-elected in 2018 so also in 2013. It is a natural expectation and based on the overall political dynamics that unfolds in a given specific time, we as a political party have decided…to look for alternatives and have different candidates – that was known. And we are already having candidates and these candidates are those who are going to win the elections,” he claimed.


Further, AITC legislator from Mawsynram, Himalaya M Shangpliang is one of the three MLAs, who have resigned as members of the 11th Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and are likely to join the BJP.


Sangma said, “We did not take the names but we know who are going where – these are all anticipated political offshoots rather the decision which has already been made. We know. Therefore, we have our own strategy in place.”


He said the party has already maintained that two or three sitting MLAs are bound to shift not only from TMC but from other parties as well.  

Meanwhile, Sangma said that AITC is the only alternative that the people are seeking to achieve in 2023.


“When we talked about the change people aspire to achieve in as far as installation of the government in 2023 is concerned, there is visible signs rather there is complete palpable desire of the people to find change, to effect that very change through their own active participation in the whole process of democracy, in the electoral battle and this is what exactly you see today and given this trend I can only assure you that we as political party in the state is the only alternative available to provide that alternative that people are seeking to achieve,” he said.  

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