Blocks and civil sub-divisions created without any proper planning: AITC

Leader of Opposition Mukul Sangma on Thursday referred to the MDA government’s decision to inaugurate newly created blocks and civil sub-divisions as a “panic reaction” since their graft is declining just ahead of 2023 elections.


Sangma told reporters that the decision to create new blocks and sub-divisions was after surveys were conducted by the government.


“They have done a survey. Now suddenly they realized that okay, their graft instead of surging is declining, I’m privy to those reports…So there is a panic reaction…,” he said.


He further alleged that there is one particular area where the government wanted to establish a civil subdivision but they are yet to identify the land.


“One month back they went to the people and said that they want to establish a civil sub division but they have not even identified the location where they will establish the public office…What the people are saying is that, they want to establish a civil sub division here, they have not even started approaching us, we don’t want to give this land because there is no discussion in advance,” he said.


Sangma said that the manner in which things are being done is without any proper planning.


“That means it is not an action but a reaction because all political parties these days have a practical approach –  a practical approach to engage themselves in the electoral ballot,” he added.

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