Anti-BJP credentials already proven: AITC

AITC Lok Sabha MP Mahua Moitra on Thursday said her party does not need to prove its anti-BJP credentials.

 Addressing pressmen, Moitra said, “As far as we are concerned, we are out to defeat the BJP and all its allies…We have proven in West Bengal that in a one to one fight with the BJP, we are among the very few parties that can fight and win.

 The MP said it is ironic on the part of the Union Home Minister Amit Shah to say that Meghalaya is a corrupt state since he is also a senior leader of the BJP, which is in coalition with the NPP in Meghalaya.

 “So what I want to ask is this. You have been in power in the state for the last five years and you’re obviously looking in the mirror when you say that corruption is at its peak in Meghalaya and that is why people are clamoring for change and that is why TMC is here,” she said.

 Moitra also strongly reacted to the allegation made by former Congress national chief Rahul Gandhi that TMC is helping the BJP in Meghalaya. She said, “The TMC has fought for 34 years against the Left and has come to power in West Bengal and right now we are in a third term and we don’t need to prove our anti-BJP credentials anywhere.”

 She claimed that if there is any force standing strong against all odds, it is the TMC against the BJP.

 She also said that the days of the national parties in India are over. “if we have to rely on the bi-party system then there would be no more hope left for democracy in India”.

 Lambasting the MDA government for failing on all fronts, the AITC MP said, “The government for the last five years that it has been in power has done nothing for infrastructure, for roads, for healthcare, for all round development – deserves to be shown the door.”

 Stating that the TMC is the only alternative for the people of Meghalaya, Moitra said, “We are here as a national party, we don’t need to prove our credential to anyone and we thank the people of Meghalaya for the love and affection that they have shown us and we hope on 27 February that people will vote with faith and will use the fingers to show the power of democracy and will show their thump to show the power of democracy.”

 Also condemning the allegations against the TMC, Meghalaya In-charge Dr Manas Ranjan Bhunia said, “I have seen the statement and the deliberation of Rahul Gandhi in the meeting yesterday where he categorically identified TMC as B Team of BJP and helping the BJP. I strongly oppose and condemn this statement.”


He said, “The role of TMC in the name of AITC we are spreading all over India in different states for political mandate from the people of this country. In multiple democratic systems, we are playing our vital role to woo the support of the people for democracy, for secularism, for sovereignty of the country and for the fundamental rights of the people. It has been proved by the activity under the leadership of Mamata Banerjee that she has proven her credential that all the issues she is fighting for is supported by the people.”


Bhunia said the TMC is fighting in Tripura and Goa which are BJP ruled states and now in Meghalaya where the BJP is fully supporting the government as he questioned “where from are we supporting BJP”.

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