Dr. Mukul lashes out at NPP-led MDA Govt for corrupting Meghalaya, betraying people

Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party leader Dr. Mukul Sangma lashed out at NPP-led MDA government for betraying people, indulged in scandals, and corrupting Meghalaya.


Stating that TMC will write a new chapter in the political history of Meghalaya, the former Chief Minister said, “we are in pursuit of serving our people to our fullest”


Meghalaya TMC Legislature Party leader Dr. Mukul Sangma has been meeting with people and spreading the people-centric vision of Meghalaya TMC to areas across the state. As a part of his election campaign, the Meghlaya TMC leader attended four significant meetings today — Chokpot in South Garo Hills, Dalu, Gambegre, North and South Tura in West Garo Hills.


Urging the large crowd of people who had gathered at Chokpot to listen to Dr. Mukul Sangma, the Leader of Opposition said, “People have witnessed the cruel governance of NPP-led MDA over the last five years. Let us not remain silent but wake up the people who have also witnessed the atrocities of the inept government.”


While addressing a sea of supporters at Dalu, the Meghalaya TMC leader rained fire at the MDA over its casino plans and said, “The Conrad Sangma led-MDA government has betrayed the people of Meghalaya with their anti-people policies and ill intentions. When the religious leaders learned about the formation of the casino in the state, they visited our Chief Minister and asked him not to introduce a casino in Meghalaya. He assured them of taking it back but later issued three licenses through the backdoor. I will not let Meghalaya be termed as a sin city, and therefore we will ensure to scrap the Gambling law.”


Dr. Mukul Sangma condemned the NPP-led MDA government for betraying the youth and their aspirations. He said, “The youth of our state are left in disarray due to the denial of employment opportunities over the last five years. Will I stay idle watching the government betray our youth? No, I will give them hope amidst their dejected state. Our revolutionary MYE Card scheme and the assurance to create 3 lakh jobs will be the one-stop solution to eradicate the unemployment crisis that has been plaguing our state. TMC will write a new chapter in the political history of Meghalaya, as we are in pursuit of serving our people to our fullest.”


Further, while speaking in an electrifying atmosphere at Gambegre, the Leader of the Opposition slammed the ruling dispensation for ruining the state’s reputation due to notorious governance. “Lately, one thing that has become the talk of the town is the massive scandals and scams from the NPP in every corner of Meghalaya. Even last week, the Home Minister of the country said Meghalaya is the most corrupt state in India. *Meghalaya is not corrupt, but those leaders at the helm of governance – holding the keys of the coffer where public money for development is kept, those who envy public funds, squander, and put it in their pockets – are corrupt,” said Dr. Mukul Sangma.


He further added, “Reports were sent to Delhi claiming all the households in the state are connected to water supply under the Jal Jeevan Mission. They even received an award but the reality is that the water woes still prevail in the state due to inappropriate work. This is called corruption.”


Traversing the state with utmost commitment to provide prosperity, uplift, and elevate the shattered lives of the people of Meghalaya who were tricked by the hollow promises of the NPP-led MDA government, Dr. Mukul Sangma has meticulously gauged the pulse of the people of Meghalaya.


“Within a year, TMC has spread across the state and grown in leaps and bounds as we are able to witness the party flags everywhere. TMC has been ahead of other parties on all grounds. This is neither an assumption nor a presumption but the ground zero input. Therefore, we would need to work hard and take part to fulfill the vision of the party,” he said in Tura.