Autumn session of Meghalaya Legislative Assembly to begin tomorrow

The autumn session of the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly which will commence from September 15 that is from Friday and will continue till September 22.


Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma on Thursday said that the Assembly’s autumn session will go as per the calendar approved by the Business Advisory Committee (BAC).


There will be five working days of which three days have been allotted for government business and two days for private members’ business.


The opposition Voice of the People Party (VPP) had demanded that the duration of the autumn session should be extended by a few more days because having only 5 working days is too short.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “This is exactly the same number of days as in the past. We have not decreased the session.”


“As has been the practice in Meghalaya, the session has been decided more or less by the BAC. The BAC has got members from the opposition on it and they have jointly decided (on the calendar). Individual members could have concerns but there are rules and procedures that are followed and as per rules and procedures, BAC decides on the number of days and as per BAC decision this is going forward.”

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