Meghalaya Govt awaits response from HNLC

Meghalaya Chief Minister Conrad K Sangma, on Thursday the state Government is awaiting the reply of the Hynniewtrep National Liberation Council (HNLC).


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “We are waiting for their response. As and when we are able to get that response we will decide on how to move forward.”

The Chief Minister also said in talk like this the government needs to ensure that there is movement from all the sections. All the stakeholders needs to ensure the commitment to whole discussion.

He said, “As I said in talks like these we need to ensure there is movement from all the sections. All the stakeholders need to have certain level of commitment to the whole discussion. Therefore, as we move forward in discussion mode there are certain areas of concerns, some from their side and some from our side and we are all working on that. We have communicated to all of them through our interlocutor and we are waiting for a response from their side.”


The CM also said that the NIA case is an old case.


“It is an going process and it is not from the State side, it is from the Centre side and we have already passed on the information to them and that is why I am saying as the talks go forward different areas and different conditions and different talks can be held with the stakeholders from the Central government, from State government and from their side and we will figure out how to move forward,” he said.


He added, “But as I said it is a process and since multiple stakeholders are involved we need clarify from every side so this will go on. Yes, it is a concern and we have raised it with Delhi also.”

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