BJP MLA claims 30 percent of his supports refuses to vote in Lok Sabha

SHILLONG, MAY 21: Claiming that many of the BJP supporters have not voted in Lok Sabha polls, BJP legislator from South Shillong Sanbor Shullai on Tuesday said thirty percent of his supporters refused to vote during the Lok Sabha elections as they are angry at the failure of the BJP to field a candidate from the Shillong parliamentary seat.


Speaking to reporters, Shullai said, “In South Shillong…30% of the die hard BJP voters did not cast their votes out of anger. These include men, women, boys and girls. Our volunteers said Sir people went to push the button but since my name was not there and my symbol was not there, they went to the presiding officer and asked where is the name of Sanbor and where is the Lotus (symbol) of Narendra Modi and they ran away and did not cast their votes.”


Expressing confidence that the BJP will win from South Shillong constituency, Shullai said, “Though my name was not there and my symbol was not there but still we are winning in my constituency. Sanbor and BJP are winning in South Shillong.”


Asked, the former cabinet minister said, “When they fielded me I came third. I could not get the gold medal, I could not get the silver medal but at least I got the opportunity to stand in the victory stand, I got the bronze medal as I came in third position. So I feel this time also they should field (candidates) as you have seen, I have submitted a letter of support to Dr Fenella Lyngdoh as BJP candidate but at last when the party came up with such a directive we just have to comply only.”


Shullai said that the BJP in South Shillong had wholeheartedly supported the NPP in the MP elections.


“I am not like others who (just) put lipstick on their face. Myself if I put lipstick on the lips I put it from the heart also. So personally with my supporters we wholeheartedly (supported NPP),” he said.


The MLA said that the opposition parties had misled the people that they would protect them from the BJP’s attempt to convert all Christians to Hinduism.

“(However), the political propaganda that see BJP is supporting NPP and NPP is joining the BJP with the intention that the NPP and BJP they will convinced Modi and Amit Shah to formulate the law that all Christians in Meghalaya will be converted into hinduism so this works so far in the rural villages especially Christians they believe,” he said.


“They (opposition) also say that Sanbor will burn the churches after winning but did it happen?” he asked.


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