Cabinet approves Meghalaya Public Communication Policy 2024

The state cabinet on Wednesday approved the Meghalaya Public Communication Policy 2024.

Addressing Mediapersons after the cabinet meeting, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said, this particular policy will streamline the whole strategy in which the government connects with the people as the Government to people communication will get proper direction.

He said this will bring about overall trust and transparency in the system.

“In this particular policy will now streamline the entire strategy in which the government to people connect and the government to people communication, the different aspects of having the different infrastructures and different systems in place. You know, small things like having different spokespersons and different departments are important, departments to give immediate information to the Press and all these other aspects are there,” Sangma said.

“ As I said it is mainly meant to kind of give a proper direction towards the communication between government and the citizens and to also increase the overall trust and transparency in the system,” he added.

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