PHE Contractors’ & Suppliers’ Association urges Govt to allot New Shillong Water Supply scheme phase 11 work to local contractors

Public Health Engineering Contractors’ & Suppliers’ Association has urged PHE Minister Marcuise N Marak to allot the works of Phase II of the New Shillong Water Supply scheme to the local contractors, who are capable to undertake the tasks and should not be allotted to persons, firms, companies, or any other kind of agency from outside the State of Meghalaya.

The association  in their memorandum further said that the works allotted to the local contractors not only support the state ‘s youth financially but also help them to develop the necessary skill sets to become employable in a highly competitive world.


Informing this, Robertson Lamare, President, Public Health Engineering Contractors & Suppliers Association said that the New Shillong Water Supply Scheme, Phase II with a projected amount of ₹1062,00,00,000 (Rupees one thousand and sixty-two crore) and which is yet to undergo the tendering process.


Stating that the New Shillong Water Supply Scheme, Phase I with total value of 2538,44,00,912. 59 (Rupees five hundred thirty-eight crore forty-four lakh nine hundred twelve and fifty-nine paise) has already been allotted to a firm from outside the State, the association said  as  the local contractors association do acknowledge as of date may not yet be qualified to do the highly-technical and automization works in relation to this project, however, for the Phase II of the local contractor are capable.

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