Centre to remove all obsolete laws and archaic laws from statute books: Rijiju

​The centre has decided to do away with all the obsolete laws and archaic laws from the statute books which works as an impediment in the normal life of the common people.

Informing this, Union Law Minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday said, this is done with an aim to reduce the compliance burden on the people  as Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants the least interference or minimum presence of the government in the life of citizens.

“The unnecessary laws are a burden for the common man, and that laws are meant to bring something good to the common people not to trouble them,” Rijiju.

“Laws are meant to facilitate justice or to prescribe certain mechanisms to ensure the life of the common people is as normal as possible. So the burden of the common people must be reduced. So all those unnecessary laws which were enacted long time back, which do not have any relevance in today’s time,  which do not deserve to be in the statute books,” the Minister added.

While informing that the centre has already removed more than 1500 such laws, he said, “In the coming winter session of the parliament I am already getting ready to introduce many more repealment acts in the parliament.”

​When asked, the union minister said ILP has come through a regulation and that he is talking about the old laws which work as an impediment in the normal life of the common People.​​​

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