Chuba Ao defends former Meghalaya BJP chief Mawrie says its not possible to satisfy everybody

​Defending the outgoing Meghalaya BJP President Ernest Mawrie amidst the charges of Nepotism against him, BJP’s National Vice-president and Meghalaya in-charge M Chuba Ao on Tuesday said revolt is bound to happen as it’s not possible to satisfy everybody.

Talking to the Media, Ao said, “Any president cannot satisfy everybody that’s why, definitely there will be revolt against the president, this is there everywhere, this way Ernest Mawrie had no fault, he had worked hard but to accept him is the people’s choice.”​

Asked about the criteria required to be the state President of BJP, Ao said “Loyalty is the criteria to be elected as state President of BJP.”

While talking about the party’s decision to remove Mawrie, the state incharge said, “It’s our party system, President has to be changed, our Ernest Mawrie’s tenure is over that is why were seeking new president who was fittest to lead the party and we found Rikman Momin who is very humble man and has good contact with the people.”

Stating that the central BJP has launched several programmes at the centre, he said, “All the party karyakartas will be involved in various central programme and so that  they will be busy with their work and they will work for the party, so there won’t be any revolt.”

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