Rikman G Momin takes over as new Meghalaya BJP president

Rikman G Momin on Tuesday took over charge as new BJP state president in Meghalaya.


Speaking to reporters, Momin said, “I am taking charge as the state president. I am ready to strengthen the party with the help of all karyakartas.”


Asked, the new state president said, “My duty is to strengthen the party,  my job is to look after the party other than that what will I have.”


Momin said that the president’s post is very challenging. He said, “We have two MLAs. It is a team work but our vote share has already gone up significantly. Next time, we will try to win more than two seats.”


He informed that the state party is waiting for the order of the central leadership to start the preparation for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections to be held next year.


Momin claimed that in people’s mind, there is still hope for the BJP because the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been working for the poor people.


He said the party under his leadership will ensure the central schemes reach the entire state of Meghalaya.


Meanwhile, the state president said that the party has zero tolerance against corruption adding that the party will continue to raise question against any allegation of corruption against the MDA government.


“Regarding MDA it is part and parcel of the party so in case if there is any allegation there is a platform to question it,” he added.

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