CM asks police, politicians and Govt officials to be fair and have balanced approach towards people

Chief Minister Conrad Sangma on Friday asked the police, politicians and the Government officials to be fair and have a balanced approach towards  people.

Addressing the gathering of law makers, protectors of law and Justice at the advance  celebration  of International Human Rights Day, the Chief Minister  urged them to work with a sense of duty, passion and compassion and work towards ensuring every human being is able to live their lives with dignity and respect.

“The Government, police officials, the government officials and the politicians we all should realise the balancing and be fair in what we do , we will never be able to make everybody happy because of resources, policy matters but I feel we should always keep in mind is to be fair, always be balanced and always have small factor in your heart as an individual of having compassion and have love and respect for people and hence all of us present out here we have a role to play,” the Chief Minister said.

“ I think as politicians, officers or as members of the society we are living in is to strive to make a positive difference in a person’s life in whatever way we can and I believe that this is related to human rights because everyone is a human being,” he added.

Understanding the complex situation of different groups, he said, that the Human Rights is a complicated subject and has many challenges to it. Expressing his personal  thought, the CM said personally he believe that Human Rights starts with compassion, when each  learn to appreciate each other as individuals and humans for  commonality and respect each other for the differences.

Sangma said that the International Human rights day is an important day to take things in the right manner especially when it comes to crucial topics as human rights. He added that human rights is one of the most important talks since human rights are what recognizes and protect the dignity of human beings and also because there are varied views on human rights based on individuals, groups or organizations.

The theme for this year’s celebration is Freedom, Equality and Justice for All. Law Minister Dr Ampareen Lyngdoh  also spoke on the occasion.

The Meghalaya Human Rights Commission  on Friday observed the International Human Rights Day in advance.

Other presence of Justice T. Vaiphei, Chairman, Meghalaya Human Rights Commission and other Members of the Commission, Member, Meghalaya Human Rights Commission J P Hanaman

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