Congress clueless about sitting MDCs joining MDC

Leader of Opposition in the Meghalaya Legislative Assembly and Congress Legislative Party leader Ronnie V. Lyngdoh said his party is clueless about  the two sitting Congress MDCs joining the ruling NPP as they have not informed the party officially.


Talking to Mediapersons, Lyngdoh said, “Officially we have not received any communication from them, so regarding the reason why they want to join NPP unless they write to us officially then we are not able to comment.”


He said the reason for them leaving Congress is yet to be ascertained.


Asked what the reason that Congress MDCs are leaving is, former MLAs are leaving, the CLP leader said, whenever there are elections people leave and join other party.


“We have not heard from them officially the reason for their leaving, officially until they join we cannot take any action and when they join we will ask for Explanation,” he added.


Asked the reason for the party leaders leaving, the CLP leader said, “See there are many reasons for this, but regarding these two MDCs until and unless they write to us officially we will not be able to know.”

The two sitting Congress MDCs Batskhmen Ryntathiang, MDC Mairang, and Carness Sohshang, MDC Mawkyrwat joined the NPP on Monday.


Former MDC from Sohra Donevan Kharwanlang was also inducted in the party.


The trio were welcomed by NPP National President Conrad Sangma at the party headquarter, Shillong.



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