Congress hasn’t revamp in Garo Hills, people wanted new MP from Tura seat: Rakkam

Senior NPP leader and the cabinet Minister Rakkam A Sangma claimed that Congress hasn’t revamped in Garo Hills or in Meghalaya, but the people of Garo Hills wanted a new MP from Tura seat.


Talking to Mediapersons, the NPP leader maintained that Congress is not rooted in Meghalaya.


Rejecting the claim of Meghalaya Pradesh Congress President Vincent H Pala, Rakkam said, “No, it’s not…if you look at the elections, the entire process, Congress candidate (Saleng Sangma) has fought without any office bearers,  there was no president, no block president, no polling station secretary.. but people have voted with emotion…. “

Asked, Sangma said,  “We cannot say it is because of Saleng or the congress but the people decided to give a new MP for Tura this time because for many years (PA Sangma family was in power) maybe people thought let’s give a new MP to Tura.”

“That doesn’t mean the congress is rooted strongly in Meghalaya.. look at National level again they are sitting in opposition and that hardly makes any difference,” he added.

The intention was to have a new MP and these people voted for Saleng Sangma in Garo Hills. He said Congress is not rooted in Meghalaya as he rejected the state Congress president Vincent H Pala’s claim that the party was revamped in Garo Hills.

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