NPP leader accuses BJP of focusing more on Hindutva than governance

Soon after the Lok Sabha election results are announced the difference between NPP and BJP in Meghalaya is getting widened. NPP leader and Cabinet Minister Rakkam Sangma slammed the BJP accusing it of focusing more on Hindutva than governance in the last 10 years.

Talking to Media in Shillong Sangma said, “This time the number of BJP has come down because why, BJP in the last 10 years were more focus on their ideology rather than Governance, they only talk about RSS and Hindutva, but not all Hindu go to the temple , not all Hindu do Puja..There are many Hindu who eat beef also, there are many Muslim friends who eats Pork .. who don’t go to the Masjid… be it in Christian, Hindu or Muslim, there is always like this. it’s a lesson for everybody.”

Stating that it is a wakeup call, the NPP leader said his party will soon sit and introspect the result of the Lok Sabha elections.

“It’s a wakeup call for everybody and We accept what has happened.. The NPP will come back strong in serving, and protecting the tribal people,” Rakkam said.

“People have brushed NPP with BJP this time, it’s completely different, look, BJP president is Hindu, Conrad Sangma is Catholic Christian but for the sake of development we had to align with the NDA. Congress is also a Hindu party and so is the BJP. This election is a lesson for everybody including BJP because they always talk about their ideology rather than governance,” he said adding, “I hope this new government will be a balanced government. We are part of the NDA and Meghalaya cannot survive without the support and the assistance from the central Government.”

Hinting that the support of BJP has harmed NPP more, Sangma said, “The churches were have been carried away because many fake videos, videos of demolishing the church outside the country and within the country have been played, have been made viral and vary carried away church’s emotion and on top of that because BJP did not put up the candidate, so therefore that many church leaders have gone against us, they have supported the congress.”

He said the party has accepted the defeat, “….sooner or later we will try to revamp and restructure and introspect the electoral system. However, the NDA has come back to the centre. That’s a different story. This time NDA has come up very very well.. I feel its good governance. “


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