Congress urges centre to implement women’s reservation Bill immediately

​The women Reservation bill has slogged in the corridors of power for the past several years before it’s passed in the parliament. Now, Congress, as part of its nationwide campaign to expose the hollowness of the Modi government’s “reservation” for women in Parliament and legislatures, addresses the media in Shillong.

AICC spokesperson Onika Mehrotra said there is a long passage still for the bill to be cleared as there is a cap on census as well as delimitation.

Demanding the immediate implementation of Women’s Reservation Bill, Mehrotra called it a post dated cheque gone to the failed bank which will never be encashed.

“It’s a long passage still for the bill to be cleared, this is kind of a jhumla?” Onika said adding, “It shouldn’t be an eye for activity, it should have been little concrete, it should have been implemented right away.. This is what the congress party demanded.”


“A lot of glorification has been done on the Women’s Reservation Bill and the bill was passed. We’re obviously very happy that women are going to get the reservation, but ifs and buts are on the bill. The clauses that they have put in are two very dangerous laws,” said Mehrotra.

Questioning the timing of passing this bill, the AICC leader said Congress wanted to pass the bill during its tenure while it could pass the bill in Rajya sabha but failed to create common consensus in the Lok Sabha.

She also pointed out the failure​ of Modi Govt in various sectors and since about Manipur and atrocities against women. The party further demanded cast census as well

“We have faith that India’s future women MPs will not stand silent like today’s BJP MPs, and will speak out when they see injustice and crimes against women. They will put pressure on their parties and governments to prosecute sexual predators and to condemn rape being used as a political tool as happened recently in Manipur. Because the women MPs of the ruling party have completely betrayed the women of India through their silence and complicity in crimes against women,” she added.

“BJP made tall claims they said ‘Bohot hua Mahilao pe atyachar abki baar (Modi sarkar), they said beti bachao beti padhao but the whole idea was defeated because you have come after 9 ½ yrs why you were not interested earlier, why was the delay?  When you came up, you came up in the special session- the bill didn’t go to the standing committee,” the AICC leader said.

She said the Bill was taken up by the Congress party way back during the tenure of Late Rajiv Gandhi as the Prime Minister in 1989 it was his dream to give reservation to the women.

“The empowerment could be complete if women are politically active and they play a vital role in the society,” the AICC spokesperson said.