Deborah ready to act as Mediator to bring back former CM Dr Mukul Sangma to congress


Congress leader and former cabinet minister Deborah Marak on Friday said she is ready to be a mediator to bring back former chief minister Mukul Sangma to the party.


Speaking to  Meghalaya News 24 , Marak said, “I don’t mind (being a mediator) but the party has to authorize me to do that. If the party doesn’t ask me to do that I cannot just go and ask him.”


According to her, the Congress would have performed much better from Garo Hills in the 2023 Assembly polls.


Marak said Mukul Sangma’s decision to join the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) was the worst and the saddest part for the Congress in Garo Hills.


“Definitely, had we fought together with him, we would have done very well in Garo Hill. If he (Mukul) would have stayed back in Congress, we would have got more seats in Meghalaya.”


She said that the Congress’ door is open for everyone as she mentioned that Dr. Sangma would have been Chief Minister if he was part of Congress.

The sources within Congress also revealed that AITC President Charles Pyngrope was also approached by Congress leaders.