Dr. Mukul claims Meghalaya Govt becoming perpetrator of crime by destroying career of young students

Opposition AITC leader and former chief minister Dr Mukul Sangma on Friday said the State government is becoming the main perpetrator of crime by destroying the career of young students, who were arrested in the July 24-Tura violence.


Speaking to reporters, Sangma said, “You are seeing a government, who have the audacity to allow young boys and students, who are pursuing their academic careers to be booked under Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, which are for the terrorists and members of the banned organizations.  This indicates that the government instead of ensuring justice is becoming the main perpetrator of crime. It is a crime. If somebody is implicated falsely just to hide their own failures, is it not a crime?”


The former chief minister said the government is trying to destroy the career of these young boys.


“This mind-set is highly condemnable. Therefore, this issues needs to be discussed in the august house. Will we get chance? They will say it is subjudice so media has to ask them are these boys’ terrorists?”


Sangma said, “You look at the list of the terrorist organizations you will see this list is notified by the MHA and not by the State government. So which terrorist organization was there, which was banned that these boys have to be arrested under this particular Act. What are they trying to do that means the government of the day is hell bent on becoming a perpetrator to do injustice to the innocent people that is how I will put it.”


Meanwhile, the AITC leader demanded the State government to rectify such wrongs done to the people of the people of State.

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