Dr. Mukul’s big ‘NO’ to BJP; Will Dr. Sangma float his own political party or remain in TMC?

AITC leader and former Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma says big no to BJP as the speculation of him floating a new political party has surfaced.

Will former Chief Minister Dr. Mukul Sangma float his own political party or remain in TMC? Indicating the possibility of emergence of a new political party as Dr Sangma said there is a need to create the sense of oneness which he claimed none of the political parties in the state have achieved so far.

However, the picture will only get clearer after the 2024 Lok Sabha polls as it is too early.

Meanwhile, the recent claim made by State BJP President Ernest Mawrie that Dr. Mukul has been denied entry into the BJP by the Senior Leaders in Delhi, has been rubbished by the former CM.

Keeping cards close to chest, Dr Sangma denied meeting any BJP leadership as the former Chief Minister alleged that BJP politics revolves around his name.

Reacting to Mawrie’s claim, Sangma asked  “Have they met me or have I met them (BJP leadership)? Ok their politics doesn’t probably happen without my name that’s a different thing. Has he met me or has Dr Mukul met any of them, ask them.”


Stating that lots said about him joining BJP, the former Chief Minister said he chooses to ignore all such comments.


Amidst the speculation, the AITC Meghalaya Parliamentary party leader said he is more concerned about Meghalaya where there is a need to create the sense of oneness which none of the political parties in the state have.


“I am more concerned about the beautiful state of Meghalaya and the state of Meghalaya where we need to create a sense of oneness, how do we do it? Is any party capable of creating this sense of oneness? I am afraid I am not seeing it so there is a big challenge before us. So you can understand the burden on me is to what must be going on in my mind,” the former CM said.


“Do you subscribe to the kind of environment that has unfolded in the preceding months? Do you want to see this kind of similar thing where everybody thinks that my future is at stake? No, we don’t want to see that. Everybody should have a sense of hope where they are going to see that the future is going to be better and when this can happen we will be thinking that we are on the right path at the moment this is not happening so we have to make it happen,” he added.


Asked about him joining BJP, Dr Sangma said,  “You haven’t heard from the horses’ mouth, so I am not complaining even if the stories are being circulated even without asking me. I have chosen not to react. I am studying the whole political dynamics of the state, it is necessary.”


“The outcome of the electoral process that just we have completed. It is necessary, therefore, it is necessary for all of us to have exhaustive due diligence of overall the political dynamics that have unfolded over the years and the way it is going to unfold in the years to come and how we will navigate through this kind of situation, navigate for ensuring that our objective which revolves around serving the people with utmost sense of commitment, dedication and honesty and give the best that we can,” he added.


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