Dr. Mukul Sangma casts his vote, expresses confidence of winning Tura seat

SHILLONG, APR 19: All India Trinamool Congress (AITC) leader and former chief minister Mukul Sangma on Friday expressed confidence that his party will win from Tura parliamentary seat.


Speaking to reporters after casting his vote, Mukul said, “We are very confident as of now we are as per the inputs we are winning and I want to thank the people.”


He said the high percentage of voting only shows the enthusiasm with which people are coming and that is an indication of the desire and thirst for change.


“Usually when the people are really desperate for change this is what you see and therefore we are confident that we will be marching towards victory,” he added.


Mukul said, “It will be a little bit of a triangular fight (in Tura) but then it will be more between the sitting rather the the party in dispensation of power and our party.”


“We have our vote banks. The constituencies which have been looking for change or basically the South West Garo Hills, North Garo Hills and then parts of West Garo Hills and you see this whole enthusiasm reflecting the desire and thirst for change in the district capital of West Garo Hills. I think it’s quite palpable this is what I have seen in the in the in the run up for this election, so let’s wish that people’s desire give fruition,” he added.


The former chief minister said this was due to conspiracy between the Congress, NPP and the BJP.


“…negotiation within the constituent parties of INDIA bloc has not happened for nothing. There has been a plot and conspiracy between the Congress and the NPP and BJP and that is what has been appropriately articulated during the course of our campaign and people have understood it,” he said.


On AITC’s decision not to set up a candidate for the Shillong seat, Mukul said, “Since we were prepared to keep in line with this intent of ensuring our commitment towards putting up single candidates as India block, we did not prepare. We expected them to be you know when you are discussing, when you’re in discussion, what is the expected line of you know the political dynamics that will unfold. So you’ll have to ensure that what you are discussing, your honesty in your intention and that is reflected by what we decided with respect to the Shillong seat.”


He said that the INDIA bloc has infact failed in the NorthEast region.


“Yes, we have failed and that cannot be without reasons. There are reasons and I have already articulated these reasons. Congress leadership in Northeast have been playing to the tune, to the whole manipulation of BJP and other opposition.”

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