VPP candidate Dr Ricky AJ Syngkon confident of winning Shillong seat

SHILLONG, APR 19: Candidate of the Voice of the People Party (VPP) Dr Ricky AJ Syngkon on Friday expressed confidence to win from the Shillong parliament constituency.


Speaking to media persons, Syngkon said VPP stands for change and this is the beginning of change. According to him, in any game there will always be a contest otherwise the game will not be interesting.


“The people actually have been longing for such kind of politics for a very long time in our state.

So we are very confident that we will come through in this election,” he said.


Asked, Syngkon said, “Absolutely that is why we got phone calls from people that have started lining up from 4 in the morning and that is what people have been longing for and really want a change.”


“So in respect of rural or urban areas, it is what people are looking forward to and we are the party that will take the lead in bringing change in the state,” he added.

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