Dr. Mukul Sangma files nomination to contest from Tikrikilla

Meghalaya Trinamool Congress Legislature Party Leader and Leader of the Opposition, Dr. Mukul Sangma on Tuesday day filed his nomination to contest from Tikrikilla constituency.

Accompanied by Meghalaya TMC candidate from South Tura, Richard M Marak, and Meghalaya TMC candidate from North Tura, Rupert M Sangma, the Leader of the Opposition took a jibe at the ruling dispensation for running a ‘puppet government’ while speaking amidst a large gathering of party workers and supporters.

He said, “With respect to unacceptable anti-people decisions pertaining to the inter-state border issue with Assam, where the incumbent government tried to endorse the decision in favour of Assam is completely a response to a dictate given by our neighbouring state. If the people of Meghalaya are not accepting it, why is the CM, who is supposed to reply to the desire and intended decisions of the people conforming and going down to the dictates of the forces? Anything that is not acceptable to the people is not acceptable to us. “


“The incumbent government wanted to make Meghalaya a den of gambling. It is against our ecosystem, against our way of life, thoughts, aspirations, and faith. I respond to the will of the people of Meghalaya, walking forward in one thought as the people and I are the same,” he added.


Highlighting the significance of adopting an inclusive mindset to work towards the empowerment of the people across the state, Dr. Mukul Sangma said, “Anyone who tries to engage in racial slurs is not consistent with our civilised society. The leaders must lead an example, if that is the kind of mindset reflected by none other than the National President of NPP, I must really pity his mindset. They must come out of their ‘frog in a well’ mindset. They must have the idea of the power of the inclusive character of this whole nation. It is the whole inclusive nature that has united the nation and has made this country vibrant, progressive, and strong. This state belongs to everyone, irrespective of religion.”


Showing confidence in witnessing a promising change in the hill state of Meghalaya, the Meghalaya TMC leader assured to resurrect the state and bring back its former glory. He said, “There is a sense of oneness coming from communities from all across the state — Khasi Hills, Garo Hills, and Jaintia Hills only with one purpose. The purpose is to restore the lost glory of this beautiful state and reposition this state as one of the vibrant, progressive, prosperous, and strong states and put ourselves in the highest place.”


The Leader of the Opposition also promised to eradicate the prevailing ‘monopoly’ exercised by the NPP-led MDA government. “People have been telling how the other leaders are discriminating against them, depriving them in order to establish their monopoly. It is our duty to make society free from this cruel act of monopoly. We will provide financial assistance and income guarantee to people from economically weaker sections of society. Strengthening the economic stimulus depends on the circulation of money in the hands of the common people. We will also extend our hands to help the lakhs of unemployed youth and it will make our society a better place to live,” he said.



On the last day of the nomination filing,  Besides Dr. Mukul Sangma, Joannes Jefferson Tyler Lamphrang Lamare from Nongkrem and Tengsim G Momin from Ranikor also filed their nominations on Tuesday.   Dr. Sangma on Monday filed nomination for Songsak seat.


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