Arrogance of NPP will not pay them well: BJP

The state BJP on Tuesday said that the arrogance of the NPP will serve them poorly in the upcoming elections.


Hitting out at Conrad Sangma, the BJP advised him to try and save his own seat instead of trying to estimate the results of the BJP.


Stating that the NPP is very popular among the people of Meghalaya for setting new standards of corruption in the state, the BJP said, “Instead of building roads to villages, the NPP leaders have managed to build driveways to their homes. Instead of lighting up the streets, the NPP leaders have managed to hang chandeliers in their many houses. Instead of building the state, they have managed to build up their assets.”


The BJP said that the people are watching, and the people will serve them with what they deserve in the upcoming elections.


“Conrad Sangma is right in saying that the people should not waste their vote. The winds are indeed blowing. The people have decided to choose a BJP led government that delivers on promises, and the people have decided to not elect leaders who will only return in five years with new tricks to fool the people,” it added.

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