HM Shangpliang assures civil sub-division for Mawsynram once BJP is voted to power

BJP leader and Mawsynram legislator Himalaya Shangpliang on Tuesday assured that a civil sub-division for Mawsynram will be created once the BJP is voted to power in the state.


After filing his nomination, Shangpliang said, “When we form the new government, the first thing we will do is to inaugurate a civil sub division in Mawsynram.”


He also assured to construct the Mawphlang-Balat road and to develop Mawsynram into a tourist destination.


He said Mawsynram has been neglected by the MDA government, which has only ensured fund flow to Sohra despite the two places sharing equal potential as tourist destinations.


Shangpliang also denied that he was taking the people for a ride by jumping from one party to another.


“It is the voters who have asked me to go to the BJP. It was not me who was taking them for a ride. It is they who have asked me that there is no future in these parties and therefore, kindly shift over to the BJP as they want development as it is only the BJP that can bring change to the state,” he said.


Shangpliang  expressed confidence that the BJP will be in the government and will bring a change in the state.


“Under the able leadership of Prime minister Narendra Modi, we are very confident that we are going to bring a lot of funds and resources for the state and we are going to bring a lot of development. Priorities are in the health sector, education and the most important of all is the employment sector,” he said.


On the allegation the people of Meghalaya will not accept the BJP, the Mawsynram MLA said, “I would request you to come and see and meeting the people in the rural areas and you will get the answer to your question because the people of Meghalaya have understood that they need a change now and that change can be brought only by the BJP.”


“The state has undergone a lot of financial crises. The state needs to come back on track and it needs to provide lots of developmental projects. We need roads, engineering colleges, medical colleges, we need employment for the youth – these are all the issues that are in the manifesto of the BJP which we are going to implement the moment we sit in the government,” he said


He said that the BJP cannot be anti-minority. “You have seen that Modi ji has given so many schemes for the rural poor, for the women folks and for many and there is a separate minority ministry that has been created by Narendra Modi. Therefore, we cannot term it that way as there are lots of developmental projects sanctioned by the minority ministry. For instance, you can see the PA Sangma stadium has been sanctioned by the minority ministry. Therefore, these are just allegations of people and we would not like to take on that.”

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