Congress leader PN Syiem files nomination

Congress leader PN Syiem on Tuesday filed his nomination and said that he is confident that the people of Pynthorumkhrah will vote for him to ensure all round development of the constituency.


Speaking to media persons, Syiem claimed that there are many issues in the constituency as till date there are no proper drainage system, footpaths, road communications and water supply besides there are no sport infrastructure for the youths, no single playground and no sport complex.


“There are so many things that have to be done in the constituency so I hope that if people vote for me I will take up all these issues with the government” said Syiem.


Syiem asserted that there are no developments in Pynthorumkhrah and with the agenda of development people of the constituency will vote for him in order to come out with development not only for Pynthorumkhrah but for the state as a whole.


He added that when it comes to election, there is nothing easy but as a candidate he had to work together with the people along with his leaders and supporters in order to come out victorious as the state needs legislators who understand to make policy and to make law.


When it comes to the party fielding new faces for the up-coming election, Syiem asserted that the new entrants are confident as they are so potential and hope many of them will win this election in order to have very good legislators so that Meghalaya progress with policy and law making.


“Let me remind you that PDF have no legislators during it entrance into politics but they won 4 MLA, NPP have only 2 MLAs but in election they win 20 plus MLAs, so we have no problem it depends on the quality of the candidates and the ideology of the party as people will vote for the ideology” he added.

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